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The Worst Month Ever

This is not a post about personal challenges, or drama. It is quite literally about the worst month in the year.

The calendar year comprises 12 months. Most have something about them that makes them tolerable – even enjoyable to live through. But one – well, one I really struggle with. It has no redeeming characteristics at all. And, we are in it.

June in Montreal brings the summer. It’s festival time in July. October offers those striking fall colours, and Halloween. December has the first real snow, and the holidays. The month of January boasts the most important day of the year (my birthday). And, February is mercifully short. Thank you for that February.

But March? What does March contribute?

I’ll tell you what: it contributes slush, grey and black snow, and the smell of de-frosting garbage and dog poop. And, it’s still minus freeze-yer-bits-off-degrees. There is nothing good about March.

By this time of the year I’m done with winter. Really done with it.

We kid ourselves that March is the end of the winter. But, as Montrealers were reminded yesterday, we all know that we have a few more heavy snow falls to come, and we know our ears and noses remain subject to frost bite.

March is cruel. It teases you with the odd day of sunshine, and balmy temperatures around freezing, before bringing on a snow storm and -19C the very next day. March, you’re not funny.

**** you March. **** you.

  1. maureen cant
    March 8, 2011 at 8:34 am

    I agree that March is not the cleanest month of the year and we often get that surprising/depressing dump of snow just when everything has melted away but….March is a time to celebrate birthdays -mine:), spring break, St-Paddy’s day, which lasts about a week and half and everyone starts comes out of winter hibernation. It’s a great month!!!! Maybe the key to getting through any month you struggle with is to create distractions!! Every year in the month of January I question why I still live here. Everyone is still asleep:( March is the month where everyone comes back to life!!!

    • March 11, 2011 at 3:36 pm

      Not even your birthday and Paddy’s day can redeem March in my eyes Moe! I was just coming out of hibernation when we were hit with ANOTHER dump of snow. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Happy Birthday though!!! 🙂

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